Cognitive Functioning

At Acorn to Oak we are increasingly finding that adults experience concern with regard to their cognitive processes. Sometimes the adult client is concerned about their work performance or had an accident that has left them doubting their cognitive abilities. We often hear from middle aged and older adults that they are worried about dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes their worry is debilitating!

At Acorn to Oak we specialize in the assessment of cognitive functioning. Our approach to assisting adult clients with cognitive concerns has two components. First, we offer a testing package designed to establish a baseline performance of specific cognitive processes such as memory, intelligence, and executive functions. Establishing a baseline of performance often provides the client with comfort and reassurance that they are “normal”. Establishing a baseline of performance also gives the client something against which to compare future performance levels. In this way the client gains confidence that if their memory is compromised, it will be identified and monitored over time.

We also see clients who have suffered from accidents or health events such as a stroke. Generally, it is most appropriate to provide these clients with a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation that assesses all areas of cognitive processing in order to identify and quantify cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Description of Testing
• Assessments involve several steps. The client will meet with the neuropsychologist for a clinical interview. The interview enables the client to describe the current problem and provide a history.

• A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment takes approximately 10-12 hours of face-to-face time with the client. Typically 2-3 testing sessions will be needed to complete a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation.

• A final appointment will be made during which the client will meet with the neuropsychologist to discuss the test results and recommendations for treatment. A final report will be available during this appointment.